Jute Grow Bags for Planters which is ideal for growing all types of Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers. Perfect for the balcony or small gardens, where space is a premium and you don’t want to be fiddling around with dirt. These grow bags are extremely strong and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plant on terrace & balcony.

Our product

We, at WombForPlants, believe in green living. We design and develop products for the future keeping in mind the protection of our ever degrading environment. 

Thus, we bring to you one and first of its kind, fully organic and bio-degradable Jute Grow Pots for sustainable growing.

WombForPlants produces the world's first 100% organic and bio-degradable alternative to  plastic grow bags. The Google definition of a growbag is “a large plastic bag filled with growing medium used for growing plants” and we are here to change that.


Our products are made from natural jute fibre and are non-toxic to the environment.

A complex and unique stitch design (patent pending) goes into the manufacturing of every jute grow pot.  This allows the pot to fold into a rectangular lean article which acquires a circular shape when filled with growing medium. 

Such construction of the pot serves the following benefits:

• Gives the pot a double base at bottom which increases durability.  

• Cost saving and convenience in terms of logistics.

• Occupies lesser retail shelf space as compared to conventional pots/planters.

Material: 100% Natural Jute. Thickened Non-woven fabric. Built in sturdy handle straps for easy movement.

Jute Fabric: Better than other grow bag fabrics available. 100% Natural. BPA Free. Enhances plant growth.

Structure: The entire felt comes with micro pores, providing areation, enhancing root structures thereby boosting plant growth.

Warmer & Cooler: Allows excess heat to escape and keeps plant cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Look & Feel: Natural Jute colour grow bags adds more natural look to your garden as compared to the other black fabric grow bags in the market. Our jute fabric is soft and smooth. Touch and feel the jute fabric. 


The issue

EU has to step up in fight against plastic waste.

According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, a total 212,500 tons of plastic were used in Swedish stores last year and Swedish retailers handed out 832 million plastic bags to customers. The aim is to reduce the use of thin plastic bags to 40 per person per year by 2025. 

As per recent publication- Every minute, about 15 tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean.

The seas, so fundamental to human life, are rapidly being filled with water bottles, abandoned fishing gear and plastic toys that we have cleared from our homes.

Sweden and many other countries have developed policies aimed at combating problems related to plastic. In our country, we have banned the use of microplastics in rinse-off cosmetics and initiated a government commission on plastics, among other things.Yet much more needs to be done on national, regional and global levels.


Pain points adressed

Single use plastic grow-bags are currently being used to raise saplings in nurseries. The problems with the same are:


- It is an irony when people claim their produce in nurseries as organic and chemical free, but the first thing that they look out for to grow saplings are single-use low-micron plastic growbags which eventually leak into our oceans and landfills.


These plastic growbags contain Bisphenol A (BPA) and plasticiders that dissolve into the soil which in turn are absorbed by the roots of the plant. Eventually, we eat what the plants eat.


- Given the menace and hazards caused by plastic pollution, authorities all around the world are coming forward in order to plug usage of single use plastics. 


Jute grow pots could result in an excellent alternate for raising saplings.

What is Jute?

Jute is a natural fibre derived from plants. These plants are native to the Indian subcontinent and are grown throughout the year. 

Jute is also referred to as the ‘Golden fibre of the world’ due to its colour and cost-effectiveness.

The interesting thing about growing jute is that it grows in cycles of 3-4 months and hardly needs fertilizers or pesticides.

The most important feature of jute is that it is bio-degradable and does not pollute the environment. It does not leave any waste behind and keeps the environment clean.


Cleaning the environment

According to studies and research, one hectare of jute plant can absorb upto 15 tons of carbon dioxide and in return releases 11tons of oxygen during a season which is about 100 days. This is a boon for the already polluted environment.


Requires less land for cultivation

Jute products require less land when compared to others. This can be helpful in producing other crops like food crops. This will help in reducing food demand.


Environment friendly practices

Methods used in the production of jute and its by-products are very eco-friendly and it has a very less impact on our environment.


Benefits of using jute bags

High water retention properties allowing water conservation

Can be transplanted directly into the ground, improving

survival rate of plant

Prevents root circling and allows air pruning leading to

better growth of plant

Keeps plants warmer in winters and cooler in summers

Lightweight and easy to move

Can print quotes and pictures on the pot

Phthalate, BPA, Plastic and Lead free

The jute slowly gets used up by the soil after a couple of years, and hence forms a great manure

Works in an in- and outdoor setting, planted directly in the soil

Put in numbers...

Test results between Jute Grow Pot and a plastic horticulture pot

Plant height increased by


Soil moisture increased by


Number of leaves

increased by


Survival rate

increased by


Get yours today!

100% bio-degradable and plastic free

Can be planted directly in the ground 

Made out of 100% natural and organic jute fibre



5" height


5" diameter

Mid 1

10.5" height


6.5" width

Mid 2

12" height


6.5" width


11" height


12" diameter

Social Impact

“A sustainable brand is one which has included sustainability in its marketing as well as the products. Also, contributed to the society by following practices which are good for the environment and the society.” 


Every jute grow pot is hand-crafted and manually stitched. As a result, size-able unskilled and semi-skilled idle labour can be employed from the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) strata of the society.

For instance, our current manufacturing facility is located in a village of 1,300 unemployed residents. At the peak of our export orders, we had employed more than 50 people paying them much higher than the average pay in the vicinity.


Note: Plastic growbags are a product of a fully automated setup. 


About us

We envisage a world in which individuals and companies take responsibility for the impact of their own actions on the future of this planet, and governments adopt a model of development that not only values, but prioritizes human values and the future of the planet.


To create a world that can be passed on to future generations, we need to see a step change in the attitudes of individuals and nurture change-makers. 

About me

When I moved to Sweden, I was quite impressed with the Swedes' sustainability as a way of life. I began meeting people explaining about product solutions and met Leif Strandh, my first contact at Kompostbutiken.I underwent the composting course for couple of months. Later started focusing on providing  green solutions which are available in our pool and would like to introduce those to the Swedish local market. 

A showcase of my project in Majorna

at Kompostbutiken

Oh, by the way...

We won the

"Start-up Fast Track Award"

at Venture Cup Väst 2018


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